The stunning Peak District was the backdrop to my latest car quest, the rising hills, lush woodland and pretty villages were the setting for the acquisition of a rather smart Honda CRV finished in a woodland green with lots of history and as requested an auto box.

A happy lou and a free revving honda glides back to Cheltenham.

Happy Motoring

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Take the time and make your vote, whoever that may be.

My x is in the Blue box

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Cold cold & scraping the ice off the window screen, ahead of me a four-hour drive to the wonderful Lake District, clearing the windows the engine of my seventeen year old car burble away blowing a gentle stream of smoke from its rear.

climb in and already the heater vents are starting to blow warmer air into the car, release the heartbreak and select first and off we go, there nothing great about Holloway road other than it leads into London and not great but it has a stupid amount of Cameras even by modern standards.

Two hours have passed and the miles are flying by and the motorways big black asphalt carpet opens up in front of me, 78mph its optimum speed for progress and economy (im not made of money).

Less lights and  buildings and signs of life give way to the green and pleasant land of England, the hills getting larger and larger, the air fresher, the sun lighting the hills in a stunning range of greens, sheep and cows graze and my mind turns to coffee.

In the centre of Windermere and a parking place for my trusty stead, locked up and her salt sprayed sides the only giveaway to the journey took.

Graham www.mathildasjoy.com  enjoy your car :->

It’s got me typing, I’m sick of hearing about the brits, Liam Gallagher is a rock icon, its called rock & roll, what happened are we all going  “jedward” ?

Oasis were more interesting cruising through an album than most bands are on a good day, obey the law, dont speed or smoke or climb trees or eat meat or do anything that may put a smile on your face.

Rock & roll, many greats, have been and gone Oasis were one of them and for me they will be missed, in the meantime lets moan about anyone even a bit controversial.

Happy moaning, Peter Kay (Knob), Liam (icon)

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It’s just after 2am and im creeping along Courtlandt Avenue in the south Bronx its  icy cold and im glad of the warmth of the Crown Victoria (Patrol Car), although the streets appear quite a distant gunshot rings out, it could be nothing or another player has been removed from the street, maybe for a trip to A & E or maybe to a more permanent resting place.

My chaperone’s for this evening are two of New Yorks finest doing their bit, not to win the war on drugs but to disrupt it, nothing more nothing less, in the shadows anything can be had all the class A’s represented hear, on any given park bench there’s another Donald Trump trying to build his empire, get the 4×4 car and the chick.

This is the side of the city few see and its very different from the fancy streets of Manhattan, no sleek boutique’s here, just dark imposing buildings some occupied others derelict but occupied, a call comes over the radio to pick up a body (perp), our driver pushes his foot down and the V8 engine burble into life and the big car hurries down the street turning into E 156th street and a figure is moving at speed we give pursuit and the runner makes for an alley, there’s plenty of them all dimly lit, the car screeches to a halt and one of the offices leaps from the car and sets off after them.

I sit in the rear and decide to take it easy, heading for the kitchen in search of a nice cup of tea, clutching my excellent book Blue Blood by Edward Conlon its a great read and almost like being there.

Graham www.mathildasjoy.com

So you want a car or indeed need a car and you want it to start in the morning and protect you from the elements above and beyond that you simply dont care, however there are still cars to avoid on account of the bore factor which is to say that they are devoid of any discernable qualities that match them to the offerings in the market place, this again may not matter to you but at some point you will part company with said car and the market will view accordingly, so avoid these cars at all costs.

1) Peugeot 1007: This company make some smart and well thought out compact city cars and this is not one of them, sliding door is its only gimmick and thats it, looks odd is odd and a waste of money and space.

2) Suzuki Wagon-R: Im all for cheap motoring and for cars with compact dimensions and a useful layout, but this goes to far, its a box on wheels, looks cheap and flimsy and is cheap and flimsy.

3) Vauxhall Frontera: Why is my only question, looks awful is awful and possess none of the usual vauxhall strengths, avoid.

4) Hyundai Amica: there has to be another way surely.

Anything but pictures of those cars.

Graham www.mathildasjoy.com