July 2010

It’s a trickier choice than it first appears, my business is hit and miss and could never be described as a 9am to 5pm job, hence the need to change my stead for a while, so instead of gliding down the road in my cherished old Merc, it’s the rattling of a ten-year old Escort Van.

Exciting, hardly but practical yes and as I have some contract courier work in the offering a vital addition to the G-Man household.

I’m off now to rattle myself up another one of our wonderful motorways to earn a crust.

Graham www.mathildasjoy.com

ps still open for business !



The stunning Peak District was the backdrop to my latest car quest, the rising hills, lush woodland and pretty villages were the setting for the acquisition of a rather smart Honda CRV finished in a woodland green with lots of history and as requested an auto box.

A happy lou and a free revving honda glides back to Cheltenham.

Happy Motoring

Graham www.mathildasjoy.com