Over the bank holiday i had a couple of things to do/ boxes to tick, watch a game of football (tick), spend some quality time in the pub with a cold pint and pouring over the days news in the paper (tick), get out of town on a train ride and have a walk in the countryside (tick).

But after a recent trip to Brick Lane i picked up on the market a sweet little book “The bus we loved” by Travis Elborough, i brought it on a whim and have really enjoyed it, as much about a time then about the more nerdy aspects of bus spotting (im not a bus spotter), i read all sorts and after finishing  “Polanski” by Christopher Sandford another great book, decided on a change.

Anyhow after such a read a ride on one of these icons (thats a routemaster not Polanski) was in order and a number 15 selected at tower hill and a pleasant if brief trip was made to Trafalgar square, free and a nice way to spend a few minutes in London Town.

The Routemaster a very nice old vehicle

 Graham  www.mathildasjoy.com