For as long as I can remember I have been a mild car nut, not a full on night and day lowered, souped up car bore, but a fan none the less.

Sitting in the back of my parents green Morris 1000 on family holidays often started early hours to make the best time and avoid traffic, i’d sit in the back of this smashing little car and watch the world go by as we trundled along the motorways, destination the Isles of White and a ferry crossing all add to the joy of an eight year old’s imagination.

The Moggy Miner had one feature not mentioned in the brochure, a drafty rear door seal which caused a small cold draft onto my ear as a rested my head against the door, I loved it, i’d almost always fall asleep to the sound of the rumble of the road.

Good days and happy holidays, a very sweet car and one of the reasons i’m a mild car nut.