January 2010

Mathilda’s Joy editorial


So another new year blog and yet again another referral to my wonderful business Mathildas Joy, im a car agent and my aim is to seek out a car for anyone wishing to buy one, from a Mini to a Mercedes, from  one thousand to several thousand thats what i do.

But why pay me 10% of the purchase price (finders fee), when you could do it all yourself, my service is not for all but its new and i think its a way of taking an awful lot of hassle out of the process, heres a couple of points.

1) Your not sure of what you want or are but know little about the car in question= I clearly dont know every car out there but i do know an awful lot both being well read and having been behind the wheel of many thus i can point out many good and bad things about a chosen car or suggest some options if none have been fourthcoming.

2) Finding the car of choice= simple pick up local papers or go online, try it and several phone calls latter as trader after trader has either sold the car noted or start selling you something you dont want, should it be private then expect possible miss information.

my aim is to do the leg work and qualify the car in detail before viewing, saving time an effort.

3) Logistics, the chances of finding a car to view local and that tics all the boxes first time is improbable but not inpossible=I work on the basis of the first one being discounted ie removing the pressure to buy the first car you see ie arranging to view two cars at a time, this most likely involving travelling several miles to carry out the viewings.

Most of us have friends or family who can aid in this but how many times will they be available and how much knowledge of cars do they have, il drive the person to view and help with basic inspection (although my services are for finding the car im not a mechanic).

4) Costs and cash= the best negotiation process is to be ready to buy and thus being armed with money helps, so taking a cab on each viewing aids security but could prove costly, il be there to give security with transport etc.

So a car has been found a number of cars viewed and a purchase ready to be made, il be on hand to negotiate  on your behalf, or course a guarantee is hard to offer but a sizable discount should be possible and ten percent being common.

So with the advice and help in settling on a car and then finding that car in the market place, negotiation and  logistics thrown in i truly believe this is a service that could effect the way you buy a car.

Please feel free to get in touch if there are any questions you have about what i can do for you.

Graham www.mathildasjoy.com

Im referring here to my car not myself you understand, its important that we protect our enviroment and therefore how we make purchases or recycle all play there part in how we make a difference, however that does not have to change our relationship with our cars, cars are great and occasionally can still bring much joy to the driver.

You can go out and buy a Toyota Prius for the best part of 20k and no bad choice this would be, but depending on who you listen to are they such a good choice, im of the view that an older car represents just as good an option, as a well maintained set of wheels thats not being reproduced and run well can be just as green, of course being a fan of older cars is all well and good but doesn’t suite all, but driving less and getting regular services for your car is the way forward rather than the alarmist view of all getting rid of our cars or going electric !

For me theres the middle ground and that includes enjoying my car whilst still doing my bit, im off now to drive a hundred yards to get a news paper.

Graham www.mathildasjoy.com

Like 007 but not government affiliated, moving around up and down the country far and wide, seeking out the cars often missed, the little gems of the north, to the trendy tigas of the south, my mission and i have chosen to accept it is to get the car that the client wants no car no reward.

From a Volvo to a Mini via the odd Transit and with a helping of a Porsche along the way, cars are finding there new owners and putting smiles on the faces of many.

An agent like no other who takes away the hassle and stress from the car market into one neat package, the sort of agent that anyone seeking a trusty stead should use, no secret meetings or coded messages just a number and a link.

www.mathildasjoy.com  07970 338 565 the agent awaits your instructions !

I read a lot and i mean a lot thats not to say im reading high brow literature of any kind but bio’s of the stars, fun stuff and anything car or wildlife related and have been known to take a casual interest in architecture, i dont have a conventional job i can be busy for three days then nothing for four and thus reading is a way of broadening the mind and occupying my time.

i have just read dawn of the dumb by charlie brooker its a few year old now but still some real treats in there if you havent come across this guy then check him out very very funny in an impolite way.

so its 2010 and im hoping the bloggers of the world will soon be seeking a set of wheels and check me out, go see the site and see what you think, or call for a chat, not only can i read but i can also take the hassle out of car buying all though some will note my reading hardly helps my spelling and grammar  its a work in progress.

all the best

Graham www.mathildasjoy.com

The countries covered in snow and seems stuck in  a freezing minus temperatures loop that would seem more at home in canada than the uk, so bank accounts drained and back to work (if we can get there) whats scary about 2010.

Well its not 2010 exclusively but every january to be fair, im no mechanic but i know cars and in particular mine quite well but this time of year always leaves me cold and not just the weather but its MOT time the time when we take our beloved motors to get there health check and no matter how well i feel she’s running it still leaves me fearful of a large bill.

Having a rather charmfull old Merc has many benefits to many to mention here but it is seventeen years old so you have to expect something to crop up and its with this in mind i suggest if you have a good mechanic then hold on to them, it helps with keeping costs down and sorts out those yearly service’s without to much harm being done to your wallet, work will be required but if you have someone you trust its better all round.

So my MOT took place yesterday and she passed with flying colours so im delighted the only car cost for me to kick off 2010 is a new star it seems that in keeping with seasonal good will someone decided to snap mine off which is nice of them.

So new year new car anyone ?

Graham www.mathildasjoy.com