December 2009

Another satisfied Mathildas Joy client drives over the hills of Bath back to a cosy cottage, but this time in a new set of wheels.

Miss F had a trusty but tired old Rover, and the failure of the auto box was all too much and alas a new car sought, a reliable estate car for circa one thousand pounds.

After a brief chat and an online search, sorting the wheat from the chaff and two cars were set up to view, the Vectra looked good to me but the client was not to sure and with no pressure from me we pressed on and a Xantia was brought forth again not sure but i adjusted my Mathildas Joy hat and advised to walk away.

A new day and a new car, this time a Volvo V70 in deep blue, after a decent test drive and we negotiated a price and miss F a happy bunny.

client thrilled with new car and happy with service plus  logistically alone twenty miles were covered thus negating the use of a cab as the drive to view all part of service.

Its cold out there and there are some poor motors over priced on the market, but look well and there are also so some gems.

happy hunting !



Ridding along dusty island roads avoiding the carts and assortment of vehicles of all shapes and sizes, a screech here and there a pothole you could get lost in, the two stroke engine throbbing away beneath you eking out every ounce of power to propel you forward at speeds of 45mph, the hot air getting cooler as speeds increase the views still amaze as the coastal roads starts to rise into a hillside.

A deep green rain forest and a stop to rest, the engine cut and a breath of hot sticky but fresh air, the sounds of the jungle, what who knows is making them noises the critters or something bigger who knows, fire up the engine and off you go it starts to rain a spoiler no way the water gives a cooling to the humid air its the rainforest afterall.

Watch out for the muddy surface, its better to arrive in one-piece me thinks, park and lock up the nifty scooter give her an admiring glance and go order an ice cold coke.

lifes good on the island of Ko Phangan.


Tales of fancy locations and exotic Italian cars sound good, well landing for a christmas break in northern Italy was on the cards and we made our way out Milan airport and headed for our chariot for the next two weeks, i must confess we hadn’t gone for something all that exotic more of a euro hatchback a Ford Focus not exciting il grant you but a great motor and as we planned to cover some miles heading north to Bolzano and fitting in a trip to Venice, but slight mix up and our trusty set of wheels for the next two weeks would be a mid range Fiat Panda.

First off its a Fiat and all my experiences of Fiats have gone something like Zippy engines, fun to drive and a door handle falling off at some point, but its Italy and its an Italian car so off we set.

As anyone who has been and driven in Italy will tell you the autostrada is great and the roads pretty good in general and setting off north on the fairly straightforward exits out of Milan and onto the motorway all was well with the small super-mini compact but a boxey vehicle its quite spacious and with its 1.4 engine it had plenty of pull and cruised happily at the legal limit, CD on and with the sat nav set we pounded the miles and then we started to see what its all about.

After a time the hills became mountains and snow caps started to grace the tallest ones, we stopped at roadside services to be re fuelled and after purchasing a delicious Machiato we went forth, the snow got thicker and the heater on our little car got turned up, stunning are words used to describe many things but it fit well here and with Christmas upon us the site of these majestic mountains graced with the white stuff looked fantastic.

After leaving the autostrader and spending some time winding and climbing into the mountains the air got colder and ears popped, the rivers froze and the view became even more amazing, the little Fiat felt sure footed and safe and given some of the drops this was a good feeling.

Bewallerhof located just outside Obereggen a popular ski town, Austrian run hotel greeted our smiling faces and Christmas was looking good.

Christmas Eve was spent in a local bar by a fire listening to Dean Martin while the little Fiat gained a nice glazing of frost, with friendly Italians and good food on offer the trip was set to be a fine Christmas.

Italy is fantastic and the Panda well its no supercar but a sweet little companion for sure.


 Bobby D

A simple game this take a star and imagine them as a car what fun here are four of them encased in steel and rubber.

1) Robert De Nero: So the ultimate actor immortalized in a car well i know he’s American but he’s kinda Italian as well so im going for an Audi A8, fills the screen with incredible presence, is understated but packs a punch.

2) Charlize Theron: This stunning actor in every way has to be beauty personified and thus im going for a Ferrari California sleek and visually stunning a simple choice.


Bruce Willis: Tough guy bar none all American hard man it has to be a Dodge Challenger lean,mean and cool.


4) Kate Winslet: This English actor is one of our best exports and therefore im going for an Aston Martin Vantage compact and quality.


So theres my thoughts im sure you have yours, now im off to buy a Charlize Theron.


So you have money in the bank it could be one thousand to several thousand and you want/need to buy a car, here are two ways of approaching things.

1) You head to your local car dealer armed with your money, a great option as you have a choice of cars on offer, but what will you buy well it will be whatever the dealer has in stock at that time, so dont expect to be offered anything beyond this even if its not really entirely suitable, in addition to this the car dealer is there to make money and thus he will buy at x price and sell with a mark up, so you have a premium price to pay on what may not be your first choice of car.

bit dramatic i know !

you go private, review adverts and select chosen cars, but whats the chosen car like on economy/ safety/ specification and performance, well you could turn to the internet for information time-consuming yes and helpful but there no substitute for driving.

select a couple of cars and go and view them, one car is in Enfield and the other in Hendon, lets say you live in Islington, so thats an expensive cab ride or several buses or trains and changes and if your not entirely happy repeat process again, of course im sure you have friends and they would be happy to drive you, but how many times could you rely on your friends also other than driving you, do they know anything about cars ? to advise you at viewing or better still at search stage?

Heres another option to consider.

2) Go to or call 07970 338 565 and speak to Graham, i will go through you with your budget and type of driving you do i will then select some cars and forward images to you along with general specs, when a car has been settled upon i will search the market place and select two cars to view at a suitable time to you.

I will meet you at a station/ convenient location and take you to view both cars, il aim to guide you on the basics to look for and assist with negotiation should a suitable car be found, if after the two viewings a car has not been chosen we will repeat the process, however as i would aim to get all the information from the seller matching your search and would hope that a few viewings should yeald your ideal motor.


Of course i also aim to make money and with this in mind my fee is 10% of purchase price (finders fee), but remember i would hope to assist in the negotiation process and would aim to save you money at this stage in addition to helping you choose a car, you also have added security of attending viewings with a companion.

So happy hunting and get in touch if your in the market for a  car, please note im happy to undertake specialist searches for something maybe a little more rare.