November 2009

First off im not fond of being pursued by the police either in a high speed pursuit or not, but cop cars are important, they send out a message that there is a law and the cops are there to enforce it and its with this in mind that the type of car used gives a clear message of the police meaning business.

1) Chevy Caprice V8: A common site in the 90’s on any New York street both as the yellow cabs but also the cops choice of transport, long and wide and well-built this big cruiser could take a few knocks and give some out.

2) Ford Sierra Saphire Cosworth: High speed pursuit vehicle again from the 90’s, mostly chasing down so-called joy riders around council estates up and down the country.

3) Dodge Charger: Just look at it, with this in your rear view mirror it might be time to pull over.

4) Vauxhall Astra TDI: Just about sums up our trusty plods, they get there slowly and will kinda take some details of the crime etc etc watch out for these silver hatches parked up ready for the next joe doing 36 in a thirty zone, make you feel safe out there.



So on the one hand many would have us not drive at all or if we do its something small green with a tiny engine and a smiley face, however whilst driving sensibly i endorse you can still drive something that looks the part, heres four cars that would look great on a back street in Hackney.

1) Audi A8 Saloon: This is a big car wide and armed with a 4.2/ 6 litre engine has a hell of a growl, side lights on and a couple of figures sat inside somethings going down.

2) Chrysler 300C: Big chunky american saloon car with V8 power, looks the part and with darkened windows beware.

3) Range Rover V8: Tall with towering presence this huge 4×4 could out muscle most cars coupled with a go anywhere ability its not a car to box in.

4) Mercedes 600 Brabus: large German brute, arguably the finest limo in the world and in black its the diplomat in a hurry.

All of the above cars are excellent but can also do the naughty stuff and hold there own.


So you want a car or indeed need a car and you want it to start in the morning and protect you from the elements above and beyond that you simply dont care, however there are still cars to avoid on account of the bore factor which is to say that they are devoid of any discernable qualities that match them to the offerings in the market place, this again may not matter to you but at some point you will part company with said car and the market will view accordingly, so avoid these cars at all costs.

1) Peugeot 1007: This company make some smart and well thought out compact city cars and this is not one of them, sliding door is its only gimmick and thats it, looks odd is odd and a waste of money and space.

2) Suzuki Wagon-R: Im all for cheap motoring and for cars with compact dimensions and a useful layout, but this goes to far, its a box on wheels, looks cheap and flimsy and is cheap and flimsy.

3) Vauxhall Frontera: Why is my only question, looks awful is awful and possess none of the usual vauxhall strengths, avoid.

4) Hyundai Amica: there has to be another way surely.

Anything but pictures of those cars.


The best cars of all time ? its clearly a subjective thing a low slung sports car, the ultimate limo or the go anywhere utility vehicle here are my all time top four cars ever.

1) Range Rover: This is a simple one for me they were the best off roader thirty odd years ago and keep getting better a sports car, luxury limo, grand tourer all in one car and with elegant looks and classy cabin its the dogs bits and one of th finest cars of all time.

2) Ferrari 275 GTB: One of the most visually stunning cars ever produced it is just an amazing looking car, rare and expensive making it unequal in the exclusive stakes matched to an incredible soundtrack and away you go.

3) Porsche 911: Not for me the big winged models of the 80’s but these altogether more restrained versions of the 70’s, matched with a retro colour and here the coolest of icons

4) Ford Escort RS2000: Maybe its because im a realist and see it as an attainable car im not sure, but i grew up wanting one of these fast fords and at 39 i still want one evoking an image of a rally car in the early morning air as it sideways around some country lane in the wintertime, retro looks and still a quick car in anyones book they make my best of all time.

So there you go my all-time best cars, two things first i didnt include an Aston Martin on the basis that there surly on everyone’s top list and second if you asked me my best of all time list again i’d have a few changes, isn’t that the fun with lists ?


First off im a big movie man, and in some films the cars are as important as the stars, no not Fast and furious so much but films with big car screen time, heres four.

1) V8 Ford Mustang/ Bullet: Also featured Steve McQueen at the wheel of this iconic car screeching its way across San Francisco, what a car and what a car chase latter used by Ford in a commercial for the Puma (no bad car itself), superb film stylish shot and with still a magnificent chase, made in 1968.

2) Aston Martin DB5/ James Bond 007: For many the ultimate Bond and the ultimate car, looked awesome, the car gets the nod but for me the best bond was a few years latter DC.

3) Dodge Challenger R/T/ Barry Newman-Vanishing Point: How the mighty company has fallen, but back in the day this company made this big brute and this film that starts and finishes as one big car chase is amazing as is the car.

4) Ford Gran Torino/ Starsky & Hutch: It has to feature as anyone with any taste must have loved this show and that car, tended to look nose heavy with its jacked up back wheels but just like the stars it looked the part.

All of these cars can be had on the uk market and with the exception of the Aston for reasonable money, bare in mind though that they are rather wide for our roads.


In my mind some cars are for all intense and purposes Alan Titmarsh nothing especially wrong with them, maybe even have a bit of charm about them but not cool and these four cars are Steve McQueen everyday.

1) Aston Martin DB6: What more can i say, Bond had one they are so rare that you cannot remember when you last saw one and they sound fantastic, topped off with black hide seats and sat on wire wheels, nothing comes close.

2) Alfa Romeo Spider: Just a fantastic looking car, even parked up on an everyday high street this car suggests Italian mountain roads are just around the corner, must wear shades when driven.

3) Rover 3500 P5B Saloon: Many moons ago before cars being dated before there release date, poor workmanship and strikes, Rover made this big saloon and what a saloon it was an absolute joy to be in and evokes an image of a corridors of power and influence, Gordon Brown it is not.

4) Datsun 240Z: Oh yeh a Datsun, i grant you many from the brand wouldnt make the list but this was a hell of a car and with long bonnet and retro looks to complete its coolness a real find now, go for ones that havent been played with and there as cool as f..k.


I make no apology and will say here and now that i am a patriotic sole, im English and jolly well proud of it, so do i apply this to my choice of cars me n me motor well as can be seen not entirely, but we still make cars and great ones at that, heres four cars built in this country.

1) Mini: Thats the newer larger one, it may now be owned by the Germans but its made right here, as cool as you like and popular with those in the Property business.

2) Land Rover: All of them, thats the best off road cars in the world and made in England the original and still the best.

3) Jaguar: Thats wright the BIG cat is made here to, this luxury motor looks fantastic in any form and easily gives the Mercedes and BMW’s a run for there money.

4) The Japanese: Often and correctly admired for their engineering expertise/ reliability in there cars also build cars here Toyota, Nissan and Honda all make cars in this country.

So you can by home-grown cars of the highest standards, Rover may be no more but there are products out there.


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